The Howlin Wolf

The Howlin Wolf, 920 E Olive Ave., Fresno

There are not a lot of places that welcome roots music. Here is a brand new venue that is just about the most inspiring nightclub we have ever seen in Fresno. Gorgeous Art Deco interior, a killer bar, killer mixologists and real stage that actually features the band. We cannot wait to bring our Greasy mix of Soul, Blues, Gospel, N'Orleans and Reggae to this fantastic venue. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW.

Cellar Door - Bob Marley Birthday Bash

Cellar Door, 101 W Main St., Visalia


It all started here. Many moons ago Greasy Dashiki was born at the Bob Marley Birthday Bash. We donned the Dashiki for the first time and promised to honor it with all our heart and soul. Of course that was before Greasy Dashiki got the Boomslangs installed. Yes, the Boomslangs are the Merlin in the engine of our P-51 of a band and you really should hear us now. But, to the point: people, people, people... show your love of one of the greatest musicians ever by coming out and hearing 3 great bands who happen to be dear friends. We'll be doing a few extra tunes for the night.

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