1. False Prophets

From the recording Let It Shine

John Lacy: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, David Rasner: Guitar/Percussion Programming/Bass/Harmonies

Written by John Lacy and Brian Basmajian


The cries and laments
of a desperate condition
While they sing Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
But was it blessed are the warriors
or blessed are the meek
Was it seek your retribution
or turn the other cheek

And when the masses where hungry and they showed up in droves
And it was clear there’s nowhere near enough fishes and loaves
Was it teach them all to fish
so they can fend for themselves
Or hand it out with faith and redistribute the wealth

I can tell, there’s a difference between Heaven and Hell
And yes I know, Someday every body’s got to go

And when evil arises
and we all face the fear
And they cry and eye for an eye
and an ear for an ear
But did he say vengeance is yours or was it mine and mine alone
Or was it he who has no sin
gets to cast the first stone

And when they cry about the taxes on the profits they made
Then accuse the disenfranchised for the crumbs that they take
But did he say save and invest
Like a modern Ebenezer
Or was it to render
That which is Caesar’s

And when they claim that the poor simply envy the wealthy
And if they only learned to work
they’d all be satisfied and healthy
Was it to let them all work hard, turn your back and ignore?
Or sell all that you have
and give it all to the poor?

When they came for my saviour
he did not resist
He healed his captor
and held out his wrist