Let's get greasy.

We believe that a person can Look Sharp and be completely untucked at the same time.  In fact, everything about us is contrary: hippie and hipster, acoustic and electric, tight and loose, groovin' and psychedelic, Americana and Afro-Cuban, Uptown and Trenchtown, Memphis and Muscle Shoals, Blues and Reggae, Soul and New Wave, Punk and Gospel, Rockabilly and Hillbilly, serious and ridiculous... all colors of the rainbow, and under the rainbow, are welcomed. The lava lamp is always shining and always changing. 


We hope you find everything delicious. 

Why are they wearing dashikis?


brother dave is gone

On March 3, David Lindley passed away. it is hard to put into words what an effect Mr. Dave had on John and me and how much Greasy Dashiki was inspired by his music, his philosophy about life, and his fashion sense. When we first heard El Rayo X (the blue album) in the late 80s we celebrated what was possible when you rejected formula, defied genres, embraced irony, and had a good time. He might be one of the best examples of the phrase coined by Morgan Heritage: "no haffi dread to be rasta." Dave mixed all of our favorite flavors together and always made it groovy and interesting. we will miss him so much and our hearts are heavy. we love you Dave and we know you are up there watching us and laughing at us. 

Hold up partner!

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Peace and Love

I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.” - Marcel Duchamp